From the groundwork to the top, Sondae Wall has successfully experienced every aspect of providing designer flair that is inclusive to her client’s comfort and yet commands a lasting impression for all who enter. Working for several years with a high-end interior design firm, Sondae’s intuitive eye for design was recognized. With her talents exposed, Sondae progressed to assistant, and with much accolades for her input, birthed the Sondae Wall Design Studio in 2005.

Atlanta based, Sondae Wall Design Studio specializes in high-quality residential interiors. By commissioning several Artisans, and reputable distributors, her studio is able to bring the most desired results to every client with individuality and comfort.

Her portfolio includes numerous high-end residential projects in the United States and abroad. Her travels in Europe, Latin America and several islands has provided Sondae with an eye her clients have come to depend on. Her sensitivity to various cultures has proven to be an asset as clients from all cultures are delighted with the detailed design she meticulously employs in their home.

Sondae enjoys creating casually elegant homes that are warm, inviting and provide a sense of comfort her clients look forward to going home to. Uninhibited by design rules, Sondae brings a fresh approach to a conventional sense of luxury. Texture, color and structure blend to create her trademark of comfortable elegance. Her work effortlessly balances style and provides function. Sondae Wall's philosophy is for you to inhabit and relish every part of your home's interiors.